Conzept Kiosk: Cake Stand, Day 2

High winds continued throughout the day. Despite fears of further gusting disasters, the cake was placed on the kiosk at around 11:30 am. A new money container was made to replace yesterday's broken glass one, and it was taped to the structure to prevent toppling.
LOVERS CAKE, heart shaped almond orange swedish cake with whipped cream frosting and strawberries.
A great deal of curiosity about the cake was observed as I came and went throughout the early afternoon, though more than three hours after having put it out, only a tiny slice had been eaten. After passing by in the later afternoon, however, nearly all had been eaten. The money container was stuffed full, someone had placed a new pile of napkins under the weight, and the cake dome had disappeared. I was charmed by the fact that an individual had taken the initiative to bring new napkins, but disturbed that the dome was gone or perhaps stolen. Luckily, with the help of a security guard for the construction site across the street, I tracked down the (cracked) cake dome further down the sidewalk.
Considered a successful day for Conzept Kiosk: Cake Stand.

total $ earned: 7.79


drellen said...

I was lucky enough to try a piece of this cake around 4-5pm. It was delicious and I would love to make it at home. Is there anyway I could possibly get the recipe? Thanks!

drellen said...

my email is thanks!