Conzept Kiosk: Cake Stand, Day 1

It was planned to have three different cakes per day for Saturday and Sunday. Preparations were made and baking was underway days in advance. Kiosk parts were reassembled and sign was re-painted. Upon awaking, however, the weather looked rather ominous, and 10am the rain began. It turned pleasant at 11 am, thankfully, and kiosk was set outside at 656 Dean Street at approximately 11:30 am. Along with the structure, was the cake itself with cake stand, money container, large napkins, and extremely large knife (many comments were later made about the size of the knife).

First cake: BREAKFAST CAKE, four layer vanilla cake with vanilla espresso frosting, topped with six types of kellog's breakfast cereal (fruit loops, frosted flakes, corn pops, apple jacks, honey snacks, and cocoa krispies- everything I begged for as a child but was never allowed to have). The cake overall was visually lovely, albeit excessively sweet. It was considered to put a dental disclaimer on the sign.
The primary concern with the cake was it's height (quite tall) and, given the fact that patrons must serve themselves, could be somewhat of a turn-off. The first patron approached curiously as the kiosk was being set out, but took barely a half of a slice. I do commend the volition to take the first piece, though.
As the day went on, the wind picked up, and various methods for keeping the napkins weighted down were instituted. After a few hours, it was decided that, despite the breakfast cake being barely half eaten, a new cake would be placed out on the kiosk, one perhaps easier to access... Chocolate.

Second cake: CHOCOLATE GINGER CAKE, decadently rich cake consisting of three layers of chocolate cake with ginger compote between, topped with a dark chocolate ganache and candied ginger decoration. An easier sell? Delicious and easier to slice, surely. Unfortunately, tragedy struck not two hours after placing cake on kiosk... a strong gust of wind blew the kiosk backwards and toppled the cake to the ground. As I cleaned up the disaster, a woman came out of her car nearby bearing money that she had taken upon herself to collect off the ground after it had fallen. A whopping $3.50. Had she actually intended to save it for me, or was she merely taking off with it? She admitted that she did not live in the neighborhood. A very strange situation, indeed. In the end, it was decided to avert another disaster and bring in the kiosk for the day. Hope for better weather tomorrow.
Total $: 6.50

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