Day 15: Friday 19 October

In an abbreviated day, Chocolate Chip Raisin cookies were made (result: good) and kiosk put out on earlier side of noon. By 13:30, all cookies sold and sun was shining. A beautiful, successful day to end Concept Kiosk Kökar.
Eight of eight cookies sold, 2,00 Euro earned.
Kiosk taken inside and dismantled, woodscraps saved, sign put back in its place as pull-out kitchen cutting board, and easel replaced in studio unharmed.

Day 14: Thursday 18 October

Again, Ginger Spice were sold at kiosk. The remaining eight were put out early, around 11:30. It was a sunny day, high hopes for sales. However, the Kökar weather did not dissapoint. By 14:00, it was raining lightly and by 15:30, kiosk had fallen over in the wind. None of the remaining cookies could be salvaged, so it was called a day.
Last day of project to come tomorrow.
Five of eight cookies sold. 1,70 Euro total earned.
Sign sanded (hastily) and repainted green. Lettering painted to read "Choklad chip russin."

Day 13: Wednesday 17 October

A new cookie attempted today–ginger! Worst feared, as often the use of molasses can yield very hard/crunchy results. Project does not wish to cause any broken teeth in the community... The batch actually turned out nicely, however- quite soft in texture.
Sign lettering painted to read "Ingefára Spice" and 12 cookies were set out on the kiosk at around 13:30.
When collected after dinner, around 20:30, only four had been sold. Rather disappointing for such a sunny, warm day. 2,00 Euro made, a good profit considering the lagging sales.

Day 12: Tuesday 16 October

A strange day–no kiosk was actually put out, but seven cookies were sold. After a surprising day yesterday left eight perfectly good cookies behind, it was decided to again give Choklad chip a go. However, an unexpected visitor in late morning stalled the process. She ended up buying one, then six more to take home to her nice family. Very pleased and excited about her cookies, she went on her way. None left to sell at kiosk, however.
Seven of eight cookies sold and 2,00 Euro earned.
Sign sanded and repainted green in preparation for tomorrow's special.

Day 11: Monday 15 October

VERY surprising day for Concept Kiosk. Again, chocolate chip cookies were made and result was quite superior. Though flat, texture was perfect and taste very good to match.
Sign lettering painted and price changed back to 0,25 E. Two small chocolate chip cookies were painted, as well. Though the morning looked of rain, the afternoon improved to be warm and sunny. Cookies were put out at 13:00. At 15:00, no takers. At 17:00, no takers. Never fear, at 18:00, one woman was seen in front of kiosk. BUT at 19:00 all cookies remained! Very disappointing.
Zero of ten cookies sold. 0 Euro earned.

Day 10: Sunday 14 October

Remaining chocolate tårtas sold, thus sign remained same as yesterday. Because cakes were a day old, a recommendation was placed on the side of the sign in (broken) Swedish. "Suggestion: serve cake warm with ice cream." Kiosk placed outside at noon despite high winds and promise of rain. Rains grew heavier around 13:30 and kiosk fell backwards, even though bracing was present. Almost all money in Euro container was lost in tall grasses and one remaining cake was recovered.
Presumed that seven of eight were sold before the disaster struck. Only 0,80 Euro earned. Sign sanded and repainted green. Someday, one will find many Euro in the grasses by the road...

Day 9: Saturday 13 October

Delighted to wake up to sunshine and low wind levels. This, combined with a special day (25th Birthday!) inspired the sale of flourless chocolate cake at the kiosk. No easy feat, requiring substantial time for ingredient gathering, preparation and cooking time tests. Results: delicious, well worth the extra effort.
Sign was hastily painted to read "mini Choklad tårta." No drawing icons made. Price was changed to 0,40 Euro due to higher costs of ingredients. No sales for first three hours, despite many passerbys. Upon leaving at 16.00, nothing sold.
Total for day: seven of eight tårtas sold, and 3,60 Euro earned.

Day 8: Friday, 12 October

Despite inclement weather, attempted to make muffins–carrot zucchini. Result: edible, but barely. The failure was disregarded, however, as weather proved too windy for kiosk.

Day 7: Thursday, 11 October

Difficult day for Concept Kiosk. Cookies were already made, so in the morning, sign lettering was painted to read "Peanut Butter Chocklad Cookies." Upon suggestion of Finnish neighbor, a "0" was added in front of the .20 Euro, so as to conform to norms and avoid confusion. Also, "." changed to "," Good recommendation.
As a result of cold, grey day, turning to rain, only five cookies of 13 were sold, earning an all time low profit of 1,00 Euro. Sign sanded down and repainted green. Changes to come tomorrow.

Day 6: Wednesday, 10 October

No kiosk attempted, due to trip off the island. In the evening, sign was sanded and repainted green. Peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips were made. Result: satisfactory. Plan for tomorrow is to put kiosk out early, so as not to use entire morning for baking. It is true that the cookies will not be warm when sold, as others are, but the particular flavor at hand tends to taste better the day after baking. Apparently, the woman with the baby carriage (frequent customer) inquired about cookies during the day and thought that the Finnish neighbor was behind the project.

Day 5: Tuesday, 9 October

An experimental recipe, never before tried. "Honung Crunch," a honey-sweetened cookie with granola baked inside. Result: smelled better baking than tasted. The sign letters were repainted and the craisins from the previous day turned into honeybees. Since the high winds of yesterday continued, great care was taken to prevent the kiosk from falling again. It was placed in a shallow ditch by the road, and the legs were supported from behind with concrete blocks. 
10 of 12 cookies sold, but only 1,30 and a rock (in addition to 0,80 cents bait money) were found in the tin. Deduction: can blew to the ground and someone nicely replaced it with a rock to hold it down from the wind. Some change was most likely lost in the high grasses. 
Losses taken, but not happily.

Day 4: Monday, 8 October

Due to low spirits and a bout of laziness, the same recipe as oatmeal raisin was used, only with the substitution of dried cranberries ("craisins") for the raisins. Result good. Sign was an easy change– the "C" was added to the front of the "raisins" and the tone of the raisin icons altered to appear more reddish/pink. It was a quiet morning and early afternoon. A trucker sped past, then proceeded to stop, reverse, get out of the car and investigate, but bought nothing. 
Disaster struck around 13:30 when a stiff northwesterly breeze knocked the kiosk forward. All cookies salvaged, though one suffered chipping. Disaster struck once again when rains fell sometime between the hours of 15:30 and 16:30. All cookies again salvaged, and neighbors upstairs even bought five after the plight. When a final rainy wind knocked over the kiosk at 17:00 all remaining cookies were brought indoors. 
Nine of 12 purchased; 2,50 Euro earned total. Sign sanded, repainted green.

Day 3: Sunday 7 October

A tasty batch of oatmeal (or better, müsli) raisin cookies came out of the oven this morning. New text on sign painted and the chocolate chip icons handily turned into plump raisins. The woman with the baby carriage was caught in the act, buying three. Two were purchased by the neighbor and otherwise the rest remain unaccounted for. One woman approached curiously, then scurried away upon realizing she was being observed.
12 of 14 cookies sold. 2,80 Euro made.

Day 2: Saturday 6 October

Luckily, some semblance of a batch of cookies came out of the oven and proved to be tasty, even despite the godforsaken vanilla sugar. A tin can was used for the money container (emptied of sardines- not advisable due to extreme smell of cat food) and some "bait money" was placed inside. All 11 cookies were put in a ceramic container and the entire kiosk installed at the end of the drive, facing the road and bay. Though it marred the overall aesthetic, plastic wrap was placed over the cookies for sanitary reasons. Rain looked possible.
The kiosk was first monitored closely from the kitchen window. No interest, save for quasi-angry looking glares from a tough-looking sort on a dirt bike (passed twice, second time towing a boat). Later, not monitored as closely, only laughter as neighbors returned home. 
Approximately two-three hours after installation, checked on status (possibly to sneak a cookie, as well...). All gone. What? Some kind of joke? Stolen? But a quick check into the sardine can showed that there was over three euro, meaning all had been sold! Day one of the experiment a success, though fear that it was just the neighbors, humoring the project. Later found that they purchased only two. The rest purchased by an unknown patron, perhaps a family out for a stroll with a baby carriage. Later in the evening, "chocolate chip" text sanded down and repainted green for next day's special.
11 of 11 cookies sold. 3 Euro earned.

Day 1: Friday 5 October

Preparations and the baking tests... An easel was modified to create an "artistic" version of the island roadside kiosk, which sells flowers, apples, etc. Care was taken with regard to the colors and lettering selected. Rather unfortunately, color theory and composition are a side effect of prior artistic training. As European measurement systems, ovens, temperatures, as well as ingredients (no, vanilla sugar is NOT vanilla extract) are very different from the norms of baking in the USA, many tests and best guesses were executed. The first resulting batch of chocolate chip was disappointing to say the least (see below for sad, square cookies).

Concept Kiosk Kökar, in the making

A project/test in trust and exchange of goods. The project will introduce a foreign product into an existing societal and local cultural structure

Wooden roadside kiosks situated around the island of Kökar, Finland inspire me on my daily bicycle routes.